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Redefining your event experience using NFTs

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Tickets as Non-fungible

Tokens (NFTs)

Any form of ticket can now be sold as smart digital tokens on TickEth. This will enable tickets to be fraud-proof and publicly verifiable on-chain. Tickets transition from being just an access into events to an asset packed with utility.

We have the simplest process!

Email Login. Purchase. Use Perks

We remove the hassle of creating a public wallet, connecting it, blah blah blah...!

Our Process

Why TickEth?

We have the best features tailored for specific events and below are some of our common ones!


Authenticity & Transparency

We solve the problem of scalpers making hefty profits from selling these tickets at a higher price by making tickets authentic and transparent.


Exclusive Community Access & perks

We value to the tickets even after the completion of the event connecting fans to their favorite artists closer than ever!


Secondary Market & Collectibles

Sell rare past tickets that other people would love to collect. Store tickets safely to keep memories alive.

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Analyse event specific


Track and analyze, ticket sales, resales and airdrops via our advanced customized admin dashboard catered to all events and event organizers. Enables ticket issuers to identify and reward event attendees for loyalty.


No web3/crypto

knowledge required

TickEth is designed in such a way that anyone and everyone can use the product. No previous knowledge about blockchain or cryptocurrency is required. SignUp right now and get your first ticket as an NFT.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do you accept USD/INR?

How do we buy NFTs?

How to view My Tickets(NFTs)?

On completion of the transaction no NFT minted?

What are the benefits of issuing tickets as NFTs?

Are UPI payments such as Google Pay or Phone Pe accepted?

What network in metamask does Ticketh use?

Which token/crypto is currently accepted to buy tickets/NFTs?

Is it necessary to use a particular bank account for fiat payments?

Are the user’s allowed to login using their email and continue to pay with crypto(metamask) or vice-versa?

Are the NFT tickets transferable?